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*Atom bomb tests
*Electronic Warfare tests

1953 -Atom Bomb Tests
(Maralinga and Emu Fields)
by the British

Wind forward

2024 - Hypersonic Rockets and Electronic Warfare
is being tested out on Native Title Land ....

And an acceleration of Uranium mining on Arrabunna and Kokatha (Googatha) country


What is the AUKUS agreement  ?

The  agreement is in essence co-operation and collaboration of US, Australia and UK to build weapons, military hardware and software.  The AUKUS agreement has enabled Australia to acquire nuclear powered submarines, in an obvious build up to war, with alarming

use of uranium (gas infused) to power underwater military hardware. The flow on effect of this is the acceleration of uranium mining of First Nations land,  endangering local communities, contaminating the land and water sources.  and interfering with sacred sites, namely Arrabunna's sacred springs.


The other pillar of the AUKUS agreement that has had little to no media is the building, sharing (not the nice kind!) and testing Hypersonic weapons, AI weapons / hardware and Electronic Warfare assets.

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Hyper Sonic  weapons
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