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Award winning TV Broadcast Documentary Team

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Director & Writer-  Rochelle Humphrey

Producer & Writer - Crystal Clyne (Kokatha)

Associate Producer & Cultural Advisor - Suzanne Coleman Haseldine

(Kokatha Senior Elder)

Executive Producer- Dylan Coleman  (Kokatha)

TAX deductible...

Documentary Australia Foundation.

"They (government) are just thieves, and just heartless ones too, it would be alright if they were robin hoods and gave something back to us poor mob you know in the land ways something to protect something to call our own … and know that its not going to be destroyed by some big company or corporation …"
Suzanne Coleman Haseldine.

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Radio Interview
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POD BEAN -Scroll down to
Episode 4: 'Always Will Be'
to hear Aunty Sue on the podcast

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