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Award winning TV Broadcast Documentary Team

Director & Writer  Rochelle Humphrey

Creative Executive Producer & Writer  Crystal Clyne (First Nations -Kokatha)

Associate Producer and Cultural Advisor Suzanne Coleman Haseldine

(First Nations Kokatha Senior Elder)

In collaboration with I.C.A.N Australia

Electronic defence satellites will be ejected into orbit. 
The satellites

will assist the Australian and American military's, expanding operational capabilities, including drone arsenal and other unmanned, on ground vehicles.

      Painting by Michelle Naylon,

      Animation by David Nerlich

CALL OUT !!!!! to people living in and around Koonibba,
we want to hear from YOU ....Especially if you are First Nations.
What do you feel about the new rocket range?  
What do you know about it?  We want to hear all opinions in
support, against and neutral.  We understand there has been
division in  the community about the rocket range and trust
peoples intentions are based on community need. We are also aware
that many residents are on Basics Card, with little opportunity  and
access to  employment and health services. With every story their is
always a under story - Have your voice heard.
Some people may wish to be anonymous, and contribute to the
dialogue. Your time will be respected and compensated.
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